The Content Creation

Client : MassMarket, Black Dog Films, Whitehouse

You’ve already done the good work. It’s our job to be proactive and make sure that work is out there in the world and being seen.

Leading with your content, we work hard to facilitate the relationship between you and your audience. We take pride in being fluent in marketing for slow media: writing submissions and sending out press releases, and knowing where and when the old-fashioned press model produces results.

For us, digital media is always an essential part of the strategy, experimenting with cutting-edge and interactive ways to make sure your company’s work is noticed within the ever-growing pool of advertising content.  This might come in the form of targeting audiences with specific information, a behind-the-scenes look or interview, cluing your clients in seasonally with a company newsletter, or a killer social media strategy. It might be building the platform and setting your company up to update self-generated content, in-house. And we’re always, always, reaching out to our media contacts in the ad world and beyond to find out what they’re looking for; knowing your audience, your competition, and what your best content is to bolster you to where you want to be.

We believe that every marketer should create their own media. So we not only market, brand, and strategize for some of the best companies, but we also create our own content, writing about and interviewing folks that we find interesting and want to tell you about.