The Branding

Branding’s gotten to be a dirty word, a vague euphemism for public relations schemes. We take an authentic approach to Branding Strategy and Consulation, seeing it as the opportunity to create and cultivate a strong, creative image that will sustain the ever-changing world of media.  We believe that branding is the chance to creatively express the essence of your company, from the visual – your logo, your website – to the tone and language of your newsletter.

Once we capture the look and voice of your company, we use creative, dynamic ways (and some traditional methods too) to circulate your company’s refined message, connecting you to your audience and the top players in your industry.

To do really great marketing, you need a strong brand image.
Raconteur consults with each client directly, whether in the worlds of advertising, production, music, art, and digital media or in the grey areas where industries overlap. We help you figure out your brand’s niche, and how it all fits together.