The PR/Marketing

Proper PR and Marketing, in this day and age, entails a cohesive strategy and an eye on the big picture. And even more than that, a real interest in what it is you’re talking about.

We’re here to ignite the conversation about you. To create, refine, articulate and expand the story of your company through conversations with contacts we’ve . By creating narratives that tie your work to the bigger picture of your strong company identity, no one ever has to question if you put your money where your mouth is.

The Branding

We take an authentic approach to Branding Strategy and Consultation, seeing it as the opportunity to concept and cultivate a strong, creative, sustainable image. Branding is the perfect way to creatively express the essence of your company, from the conceptual (your vision and goals), to the visual (your logo and website), to the details (the tone and language of your client outreach).

The Content Creation

You’ve already done the good work, it’s our job to make sure that work is being seen.

The Events

We abide by the mantra work hard, play hard.

As such, we set our clients up to play harder and better than anyone else around. You can and should expect a good-will return on every well-planned soiree, whether it be big and brash or low-fi and easygoing. We consider every detail, from the ideal date to the proper cocktail, to craft a fiesta that best fits your budget, represents your brand and situation, and always, always make sure that people will have a truly memorable time.

The Design

Design is a broad category – which is exactly why we love it. Design is an integral piece to making the ideas behind branding, PR, and marketing come to life. We relish the design process, which is why we are so darn good at it. Our projects include anything that represents your identity: your website, your collateral, your blog, your logo, your office space.

The Big Picture

Every company needs an identity that is creative, timeless, and functionally achievable. While we execute the nitty gritty – whether it’s creating your logo, submitting press releases to the trades, orchestrating the full-scale company launch, designing your creative space, or strategizing the next stage of growth for your company – we’re always stepping back to look at the big picture.

The Collaboration

We firmly abide by the notion that collaboration with similarly minded creative individuals gives you the best product. Pooling our talent and resources across disciplines, we have a creative partnership with the graphic wiz’s at Funkhaus Design Labs.

We work as more than coworkers, but as friends, partnering creatively to help concept and develop your website, digital media, or interactive projects. And you, in turn, get the best of all worlds, with the combination of tools to put your design at the forefront.

The Launch

A properly concepted and strategized launch is of utmost importance for a burgeoning company or a rebrand, not only to get into the public eye, but to establish a solid, sustainable identity and voice.
We approach every kind of launch – a brand new company, or a website rebrand, or a product, or a brick-and-mortar opening – from the same perspective. We figure out the story. The strategy of how best to tell the story unfolds from there.