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We figured you might have something to say.  Or something for us to see, or something you want the world to know about.

If that’s the case, shoot us over a short email with a description of the piece.  We’re open to discussion – it could be video, photo or text; feature, short, commercial or music related; culturally and politically relevant or tritely meme’d.

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We want to hear from you.  We really do!  But please refrain from sending us anything that is grammatically incorrect or blatantly plagiarized.

Don’t feel obligated to write The Great American Novel.  Any old story that interests you will do.  Animals and celebrities pretty much always get coverage, which is truly bizarre and yet generally true.  But really we’d simply love to know what’s going on in your world. Especially if no one else has heard about it.  Just make sure to use spell check.

We recommend using either or Dropbox to deliver your video if you want us to look at it.  Because, you know, if you make it complicated it’s all over.

Shoot us an email.  We’ll write you back.  Promise.