JIMMY MARBLE Drops Exuberant Spot For NIKE Kids Shoe Launch

April 6th, 2023

Director Jimmy Marble, a maelstrom of style and irreverence, recently released his first project as a member of the Golden LA family: A lighthearted, action-packed spot for the launch of the NIKE KIDS Air Max 270 Go shoe. He adds the launch spot to an expansive and versatile portfolio, which includes commercial shorts for Target, Pinterest, and Marc Jacobs, photography of celebrities like Ariana Grande, and several Vimeo Staff Pick-ed short films. 

Framed within the context of the dad asking the child what she did that day, the Nike Kids Air Max spot follows a little girl from sun-up to sun-down, joyfully riding her bike, kicking a soccer ball, and gliding along on a skateboard toboggan. While highlighting the vibrant kid’s shoe in a variety of different playful contexts, Marble also seamlessly blends his colorful sense of surrealism and design with genuine, relatable emotion. 

“There’s a mix I’m always aiming for between design and naturalness,” explains Marble. “Everyone is shot so specifically and accompanied by a distinct camera move. As a result, every performance from the kid feels authentic and natural, blending the design’s feel with realism.” 

His second project and first full shoot with the global brand, the spot was also personal for Marble, who, as a four-year-old’s father, sought to capture the tenderness of his father-daughter relationship on-screen. He also highlights the maximalist lifestyle of a kid using marked camera moves, graphic matching, and a choice soundtrack, Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro,” which Marble associates with his own childhood and listened to non-stop in the studio while creating the ad. 

“I remember really connecting to certain classical music pieces as a kid, and ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ was one of those,” said Marble. “I remember dancing to it, almost possessed by its upbeat energy. I feel like the song embodies the joie de vivre of being a kid.” 

The circumstances of the shoot only augmented the ad’s maximalist energy and tempo. They shot in L.A. during an unusual October heatwave. “It was crazy hot, but there was a kid wrangler on set keeping them focused, energetic, and positive, so thankfully, we moved quickly,” said Marble.

At the ad’s close, after spending the day gleefully engaged in countless fun activities, the little girl finally replies about what she did that day with a hilariously apt: ’Nothing.’ It’s the perfect absurdist kid response and a tongue-in-cheek summation of such an impactful and successful campaign. 

“I loved working with Golden on this project. They elevated the experience every step of the way,” said Marble. “It was great working brand-direct with Nike, too. It went so smoothly because they’re a brand that knows who they are and who understood and supported my vision.”