ALEXANDRE MOORS Collabs With DON TOLIVER for “Love Sick” on Amazon

March 3rd, 2023

Alexandre Moors, longtime director with creative production studio Good Company, has teamed up with rapper Don Toliver and Amazon Music to create Love Sick,” an episodic, Goodfellas-inspired short film that pairs with Don’s new album Love Sick, via Cactus Jack/Atlantic Records

“Love Sick,” presented by Rotation, Amazon Music’s hip-hop and R&B brand, and airing exclusively on Prime Video starting this Friday, is the result of an electric collaboration between Don and director Moors, who is known for his long career making dramatic, sultry, and narrative-forward music videos with high-profile musical artists like Miley Cyrus, Kendrick Lamar, and Juice WRLD. 

Set in the disco 1970s and centered on Don Toliver as a womanizing cafe owner running some nefarious business behind the scenes, “Love Sick” is punctuated with lust, humor, superstition and tragedy as it highlights moments in the lives of Don, the waitress, the patrons, the cook, the girlfriend, and the cops whose destinies have intertwined with the greasy spoon.

Expanding on Don Toliver’s film story and vision, Moors and screenwriter R.F.I. Porto, who Moors collaborated with on his 2013 award-winning feature film Blue Caprice, bring an overarching narrative to “Love Sick” that heightens the visceral punch of this seductive and visually dazzling short film. The fast-paced and ultra-creative nature of writing and directing “Love Sick” allowed Moors, who grew up in the Paris graffiti scene and rubbing shoulders with rappers, the freedom to play and to improvise within a colorful, larger-than-life universe. 

“Hip hop is the world I feel most comfortable in, and it was exceptionally fun to build a narrative around this ‘70’s disco playground Don and his team had already envisioned,” said Moors. “There was such a collaborative spirit to this project, and Rotation s the perfect team for this film.”This collaboration is not the pair’s first. Moors also directed last year’s glitterball-powered music video for Don Toliver’s internationally-recognized track “Do It Right.” This video also comes on the  heels of a recent VMA win for Moors, for the Miley Cyrus music video, “Mother’s Daughter.” 

In between music video projects and commercial shoots, Moors is currently working on a feature-length political satire film entitled Bobby Fox