OFF-SITE Produces Campaign for Groundbreaking Dapper Labs x NFL NFT Collaboration

August 18th, 2022

Los Angeles and New York-based production company Off-Site, known for their bespoke and collaborative work, was recently tapped to collaborate with Dapper Labs and NFL on a commercial for the launch of NFL ALL DAY. A forward-looking project, NFL ALL DAY allows fans to buy, own and trade officially licensed digital video highlight NFTs (non-fungible tokens) called ‘Moments’ featuring the greatest and most sought-after NFL plays throughout the season and in NFL history

The spot, featuring the face of NFL ALL DAY for the 2022 season, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, was produced by Off-Site co-founders, director Tomás Whitmore and executive producer L. Vertel Scott. 

With a fast-approaching deadline and focus on the complex subject of NFTs and blockchain, the project posed several challenges. But, the capable team at Off-Site didn’t bat an eye. 

“As a company, we’re able to mobilize quickly without sacrificing creative vision, so given the clients rapidly approaching delivery date they knew they needed a partner that could rise to the challenge,” said Whitmore. 

The commercial, steeped in anticipation, centers on Mahomes recollecting memorable action-packed moments from his epic wild card playoff game earlier this year. As Mahomes’ career highlights flash on-screen, the commercial takes the viewer back in time, setting a riveting mood with surreal lighting and dramatic sound transitions.

“The first element that came to mind was establishing an overall tone that visually portrayed the experience of diving back into a memory,” said Whitmore. “The idea of seeing Patrick relive a moment in this dark void was spectacular to begin with, so after establishing a strong look and feel, the next step was to outline a clear visual narrative that built the anticipation and excitement around the message.”

Off-Site drives home the messaging of the unique product with clever finesse. As Mahomes recollects his playoff win, and viewers arrive at that exact moment, Mahomes is frozen and scanned with a radiant gold light and transformed into a piece of art forever embossed on the blockchain through NFL ALL DAY. 

Shooting this moment with Mahomes, a non-actor with natural chops, was one of the biggest highlights of the project for Off-Site. It represented the crisp realization of a concept Whitmore and Vertel spent weeks conceiving and storyboarding with Brandon Tucs, the NFL ALL DAY Creative Director for Dapper Labs.

“The fact that we were able to visually portray how NFL All Day captures and scans in-real-life sports moments into a digital chrysalis, essentially preserving them as digital collectibles, was an incredible feeling,” said Whitmore. “I also think that we’ve only just scratched the surface on how visual storytelling can be used to help the everyday consumer understand concepts like Web 3.0, NFTs, and blockchain.”

The final version of Off-site’s inspired NFL ALL DAY commercial airs today, August 18th on NFL Network and across all paid UA channels just in time for the official launch of the NFL ALL DAY platform.