SAM SMITH Strips Down “Love Me More” with In-Studio Visual by JORDAN BAHAT

May 23rd, 2022

Sam Smith’s astounding vocal range is on full display in the acoustic release of their anthem of self-worth “Love Me More.” A stripped-down version of the single originally released on April 28 through Capitol Records, the haunting beauty of the song gains new emotional impact through the depiction of a singer at their most vulnerable.

The accompanying music video directed by Jordan Bahat of Golden LA is compelling in its simplicity, allowing for Smith’s powerful vocal to take center stage. Shot at Capitol Records’ legendary Studio A, Bahat captures Smith belting a starkly real rendition of the track, with assist from their pianist, bassist and trio of backup singers.

Surrounded by the lore of Old Hollywood and legends that have recorded at Studio A, Bahat achieved a visual tone that matches in timelessness. Pieces of audio recording history even made it into the performance, including Frank Sinatra’s microphone and Nat King Cole’s piano.

Bahat is known for his effortlessly adaptable directorial style, which allows him to move seamlessly across genres. Having helmed everything from stop-motion miniatures to highly choreographed dance-driven visuals, Bahat’s polished yet organic approach for “Love Me More” (Acoustic) allows the emotional heft of the song to come through.

There is a gracefulness in the slow camera pans and shaded lighting that brings a different life to the song, while the subtle camera work by DP Miguel de Olaso is unobtrusive and perfectly effective, tastefully enhancing the in-studio scene.

“It was evident that the visuals needed to be reflective of the song, using minimal camera shots to simply capture the moment of camaraderie and emotion with Sam,” Bahat remarks. “I only met Sam on the day-of the shoot, and they was so generous and lovely. It was a such an inspired day, about as pleasant as a filming experience could be.”