October 15th, 2020

Exploration and adventure are hallmarks of director Cameron Goolds work, and in his latest 60-second spot for Zero Motorcycles that spirit is delivered with cinematic polish. The Model Year 2021 brand video announces Zero’s latest line of motorcycles headlined by the category-defining SR/S. A dramatic sequence of shots takes the viewer on a ride from sweeping desert landscapes to a glittering city, conveying the pulse-pounding experience of riding a Zero, the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains.  

The Salt Lake City-based filmmaker, who is represented by Namesake, is known for blending naturalistic visuals and heartfelt storytelling. Wilderness and grit are part of Goold’s directorial DNA, and he is comfortable shooting under pressure and among the elements, making him perfectly suited to craft inspiring content for automotive, sports and outdoors lifestyle brands. This particular skillset has led to repeat collaborations with clients like Zero Motorcycles, who again worked directly with Goold to create the latest film. 

“Working with Cam is amazing,” says Chris Metcalfe, VP of Marketing. “In my role, I often have to oversee agencies and creative groups closely in order to truly capture my vision. But with Cam, I feel like his crew is really an extension of our department. I give them the motorcycles and they make the magic happen. It is always more than I expected.”