ALEXANDER HAMMER Joins GOOD COMPANY, Fresh Off Directing & Editing the HBO MAX Docu-series EXPECTING AMY

July 13th, 2020

Multitalented creative Alexander Hammer joins the Good Company roster fresh off directing and editing the Amy Schumer docu-series Expecting Amy, which premiered July 9 on HBO Max.

Hammer explores many dimensions of storytelling through his editing and directing work, which spans scripted film and TV, feature documentary and music video to branded content, experiential storytelling and live performances. Over the years he has gained the trust of many culture-defining artists, including Madonna, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry, garnering several MTV VMA nominations and wins. Meanwhile Hammer continues to work on a range of content for brands such as Nike, Rag & Bone, L’Oréal, H&M and for designers like Gareth Pugh and Ann Demeulemeester, among others.

A frequent collaborator of Beyoncé’s, Hammer has served as her editor for projects ranging from her feature-length visual albums (Lemonade, Beyoncé, 4), interactive visuals and concert films for her world tours (Formation, On The Run, Mrs. Carter) and her Grammy Award-winning documentary Homecoming.

With his latest project Expecting Amy, Hammer offers a hilarious and raw 360-degree look at this new stage of star comedian Amy Schumer’s life. His involvement came about after Schumer reached out to Hammer directly on Instagram after seeing Homecoming, which earned Hammer a nomination for Cinema Eye Honors. Originally brought on board as a consultant, his deft eye for crafting narrative led Amy to fully entrust Hammer with her story, enlisting him to direct and edit.

Produced by Schumer, the unfiltered three-part documentary takes viewers behind-the-scenes as she battles through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy while undertaking the creation of a stand-up special. The series focuses on pulling the curtain completely back on Schumer’s marriage to husband Chris Fischer, and the journey to his diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

After parsing through months’ worth of professional and personal footage, Hammer decided to format the story as three episodes (Conception, Gestation, and Birth), each representing a trimester paralleling the development of an idea into a full show, and the journey of pregnancy to birth. Jumping backwards and forwards in time, Hammer thoughtfully crafted individual arcs per episode, as well as arcs that spanned all three. 

Hammer has always told stories via multiple mediums, starting out in the fine arts and later incorporating mixed media design with traditional filmmaking. No matter the type of project, editing has always remained a constant passion, with Hammer’s ability to see the potential in any raw footage becoming all the more evident when working in documentary or performance-based projects.

As a director, Hammer seeks to push further into this style of work at Good Company. “I so naturally lean toward a docu-style approach, where I’m able to capture and interact while developing concepts at the same time. I most enjoy helping to celebrate ideas, cultures, triumphs. Entertainment is an important element, but if a viewer is left inspired, that’s when I feel the most accomplished.”

Ryan Heiferman, Managing Director/Co-Founder of Good Company, says, “Alex knows instinctively how to build story, emotion and energy in his work– many times making something out of nothing. It was a natural progression for him to fully step into the director role more recently. With Expecting Amy, he’s sculpted and carved out something truly profound.”

Hammer was already a mainstay on Good Company’s edit roster, having worked together over the years on iconic projects such as Beyoncé’s Lemonade and the Visual Album, as well as music videos for Kanye West, Selena Gomez and Haim, to name a few. As Hammer says, “I have worked with so many artists and productions on a myriad of projects, but Good Company has always felt most like home.”

“Taking the documentary to Good Company was like bringing a friend to meet your family. Alongside my wonderful assistant editor Brie Stodden, we assembled a small yet mighty team that had the full trust of Amy and the full support of Good Company. The result of that alchemy is the most creatively fulfilling project I have ever done.”