ODDKO Releases Mad Max-Themed Video for “D4TM”

June 16th, 2020

ODDKO‘s latest music video for “D4TM” has premiered on Metal Injection. The Mad Max-themed visual thrill ride was released by avant-garde boutique video production company Void N’ Disorder.

In the dazzling and hyper-dynamic “D4TM” music video, ODDKO underlines that with every passing day we take another step further into what eerily resembles the apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi world we see in movies. On the positive side, much of the world is now waking up and we have the opportunity to make decisions that are better for our own and our planet’s future.

ODDKO is the brainchild of the multi-talented Giovanni Bucci, who both composed the music and directed the video for “D4TM,” a track off the band’s 5-song EP Digital Gods, which also dropped yesterday.

Giovanni equally helms the award-winning studio Void N’ Disorder as creative director alongside art director Paola Rocchetti.  With a focus on highly stylized VFX-driven work, they are known for crafting high-end visuals that possess a distinct edge. In “D4TM” the creative studio makes use of cinematic live action footage and VFX, as well as highly detailed custom-made RC models and outfits. The resulting film is a cohesive eye-popping visual feast.