HERO LA & Garrett/Gordon Productions Team Up with the SAG/AFTRA Foundation to Launch Digital Series QUARANTINE

April 24th, 2020

Production companies Hero LA and Garrett/Gordon Productions launch QUARANTINE in partnership with the SAG/AFTRA Foundation. QUARANTINE is a digital series that follows the cast of the fictional soap opera Chino Hills as they navigate the shelter-in-place order in Los Angeles.

Jerry Ying, Spencer Garrett (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood & HBO’s Showtime), and Jeremy Gordon (Rob Reiner’s Shock & Awe), teamed up to create the series in partnership with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, to whom they are giving 100% of the proceeds. All donations garnered by the series will go to the SAG AFTRA COVID-19 Relief Fund and help support fellow SAG-AFTRA members in need during this difficult time.

Show-creator and director Jerry Ying was determined to use the mandated break to create a series depicting the current pandemic. Shot entirely on the Zoom platform, the dramedy explores the impact of isolation on individuals and their relationships, illustrating affairs that go even beyond what their fictional characters face on the small screen in the soap drama Chino Hills.

“It’s been a challenge to go into production with everyone working from the safety of their own homes but also a unique opportunity to explore a new medium for storytelling,” comments Ying. “We want to exist in a tempo of comedy slightly beyond traditional sitcom television and just slightly ahead of the pace of reality TV. Fortunately for us, nearly everyone in the world is already familiar with Zoom and have been using it to connect daily.”

In tandem with The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s PSA, made by president Courtney B. Vance with producers Spencer Garett and Jerry Ying, QUARANTINE launched Sunday, April 19th.

New 5-to-7 minute episodes can be found on the show’s YouTube channel every Monday to Friday at 10am PST until the home order is lifted for Angelenos. Upcoming episodes will feature a slew of exciting guest stars.