AARON RUELL Revives Kip Dynamite, World Rejoices

April 21st, 2020

Director/actor Aaron Ruell has taken to IGTV to revive the much-beloved character Kip Dynamite from the 2004 cult classic Napoleon Dynamite. Flying solo at Grandma’s house without Lafawnduh, Kip (a Social Isolation Professional) is generously offering the public hints on how to stay safe, fit, and well-fed on his new Instagram account called KipsTipss.

These days you’ll find Ruell solely in the director’s chair, helming humorous, sincerity-driven ads out of Sanctuary Content. However, it was these unique times that inspired him to reprise the role of Kip and create this string of content in an effort to make people smile. Turns out, we’ve been missing the soothing voice of this lo-fi technology expert more than we even knew.

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