Lockdown Viewing Relief: ADULT BABY, the Legend of KAZU, Directed by EVA MICHON

April 9th, 2020

Adult Baby is out in the world! The 30-minute visual album film made for Kazu of Blonde Redhead’s debut tells the Legend of Kazu, a beautiful giant exiled to the sea, who emerges to become human for a day.

The film is co-written and directed by Eva Michon, who crafts a masterful interpretation of the epic soundscape that is Adult Baby, resulting in a vivid intertwining of sound and vision. Inspired by historical events and symbolism of the island, Michon treats each song from Adult Baby as a chapter of the larger narrative.

Shot on the island of Elba – a small jewel in the Tyrrhenian sea off Tuscany, where in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte was banished into exile and where Kazu is resolved to spend much of her life, Adult Baby is full of metaphor, symbolism, and magical storytelling.

The film was realized by production company Lief, with the support of Kazu’s longtime friend, French fashion designer Isabel Marant, and Ponderosa Music Records. Marant and her team amazingly loved the idea of creating a 23-foot version of Kazu’s key costume for the film to complete Eva’s vision. This piece of marvel became a physical record of the giant to make the story cross into reality.