BEN BERMAN Creates First Film Made in Lockdown, with Help From Cameo Celebs

March 26th, 2020

Ben Berman releases “The Follow-Up,” the extremely topical and aptly named next endeavor since his debut feature “The Amazing Johnathan Documentary.” The first comedic short film created in COVID-19 quarantine, “The Follow-Up” is a strangely affecting tale about isolation and affirmation in these bizarre and uncertain times.

In the midst of the pandemic, “The Follow-Up” explores what a filmmaker with a need to tell stories does when they suddenly find themselves on lockdown and all of the production industry on pause indefinitely. In Berman’s case, they start to explore the unlikely world of Cameo as a tool for human connection, seeking guidance from celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Flava Flav, and Richard Karn (yes, Al Borlan).

Utilizing his editing background to weave together this moment-in-time documentary, Berman hits the notes of anxiety and angst we feel as we all navigate a bizarre dystopia. The resulting Vimeo Staff Pick is an unusually touching glimpse into the tenuous connections forged in the solitude of coronavirus confinement.