Live the Sweetness of Democratic Socialism with BÉRNIÉ: the People’s Perfume

February 3rd, 2020

BÉRNIÉ: the People’s Perfume campaign gets its second spritz, with the spot “Who is He?” premiering exclusively on Muse by Clio during Sunday’s big event.

The unsanctioned fragrance film spoof follows up the debut spot released last week, which has already gotten over half a million views, over 10k likes on twitter, and coverage in The Nation and The New York Times, and which left Joy Reid confused.

Directed by Amber Schaefer, the project features an LA-based cast of socially influential Bernie Babes: Demi AdejuyigbePaige ElkingtonMatisse Andrews, and Kate Hollowell, as well as an original composition by the Brooklyn-based band Wet.

The idea behind the campaign is to complicate the misleading Bernie Bro narrative and show that women and people of color are indeed feeling the Bern, and in fact have consistently made up more of Bernie’s base than men. “Which makes sense,” says Schaefer, “because if you look at Bernie’s policies and track record, it’s clear that he is the best candidate for racial justice, women’s equality, and LGBTQ+ rights. “