COLE WEBLEY Directs Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA “The Epidemic”

November 13th, 2019

Known for his masterful visual storytelling, Cole Webley recently helmed the emotionally charged PSA “The Epidemic” for Monica Lewisky’s anti-bullying campaign with BBDO.

The poignant PSA highlights Cole’s incredible knack for crafting emotion-driven narratives, as it takes the viewer on the heartbreaking journey of a teenage girl, Haley, as she shows symptoms of a mysterious illness. But there is more than meets the eye, her symptoms are ultimately revealed to be the result of systemic bullying – “the epidemic.” Driving the message home, the interactive narrative concludes by asking viewers for their phone number to reveal “the real story.”

Fighting against the clock, the team at Sanctuary had just four days of pre-production before the two-day shoot in Utah. Due to Cole’s ability to capture authentic performances through affecting scenarios and at times harrowing imagery, they were able to produce a truly powerful spot.