CAVIAR Directing Duo LOS PEREZ Bring EOS Laboratory to Hyperreal Life

October 8th, 2019

Produced by Caviar for Mekanism, the film “Make It Awesome” highlights EOS’ commitment to sustainably sourced ingredients and great flavors by taking the viewer on a journey through a colorful laboratory that exists inside one of their iconic spherical lip balms.

For directing duo Los Perez, the excitement lay in creating the unique environment of the lab and developing the aesthetic of each individual room alongside Mekanism.  “Every room has its own code and set of rules,” says Los Perez of the richly colored world.

The film was created using a blend of both live action footage and VFX.  Says Los Perez: “Normally we try to shoot as much as we can in-camera to achieve a very organic look. But in this particular case, we enhanced the construction of the sets via post to create the illusion that this lab was huge and magical. In the end there is much more done in-camera than one might think, but due to the graphicness of the set designs and the colorful color palette, both approaches blended together so much that it is hard to tell what is real and what was created in post.”