All That’s Fit to Print: 09.19 Feature Interview Roundup

September 24th, 2019

At Raconteur, our foremost focus is making sure the stellar work and best-executed messaging of our clients is out there in the world and being seen.

We believe there is always a tale to tell. And we know that sometimes the whole story behind a project can’t be conveyed in a single press release. Which is why, as part of our larger pr ethos, we proactively seek out and secure press opportunities for our clients to articulate and expand on their creative process.

Here’s some of the in-depth interview features we’ve orchestrated of late:

  • KAZU speaks to Character Media about translating lyrics from her debut solo album Adult Baby into the dreamlike upcoming 40-minute album film directed by Eva Michon of Lief.
  • Human‘s Creative Director Justin Hori looks back at some of his notable sonic creations and talks heading up the company’s new Chicago studio within the September 2019 print issue of Pro Sound Magazine.

Quinn Wilson