KAZU Releases Atmospheric Music Video for “Come Behind Me, So Good!”

September 13th, 2019

KAZU, the iconic voice of the seminal band Blonde Redhead, releases her highly anticipated first solo album entitled Adult Baby. Today she also debuts the extraordinary music video for her latest single “Come Behind Me, So Good!” Directed by Eva Michon, the visual is yet another piece from the accompanying album-length narrative film Adult Baby, coming later this year.

Produced by Lief and featuring costumes by Isabel Marant, the upcoming 40-minute album film is a folk tale shot on Elba Island, a tiny jewel in the Tyrrhenian Sea off Tuscany, which KAZU calls home.

Shot in a small church in Capoliveri, “Come Behind Me, So Good!” sees KAZU singing and dancing toward the altar in her own unique way, casting a hypnotic spell with a strange allure. Set against the darkly atmospheric church, the barelegged KAZU wears a delicate sheer Isabel Marant shirt in stark white, floating against the backdrop like an ethereal apparition.

Michon enlisted locals from the village to play the characters praying in the church. Of the casting, Michon says, “They were all game, as we captured their close-ups, snapping, twitching and singing the a capella parts of KAZU’s song, not knowing how we would use it.”

The resulting scene is humanly rhythmic, bizarre and beautiful – and all shot in under three hours. Michon explains: “There wasn’t much time to achieve what we needed with the proper reverence and care — I am a Polish Catholic, after all. This was on day two out of three for a nonstop shoot, album-length film, and we were in and out of the church in one morning, then onto the next scene.”

“So we came very prepared, having scouted the church in the days leading up, including attending Sunday mass. It was chilly inside, filled with dewy air, and the sound was as gorgeous and reverb-y as you’d expect. KAZU’s incredible orchestral music sounded amazing played within this context.”