JAMM Delivers Final Warning from the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team for FOX Sports Campaign

May 9th, 2019


Santa Monica creative studio JAMM collaborates with Wieden+Kennedy New York for the rousing FOX Sports campaign “All Eyes on US.” Directed by Joseph Kahn out of Supply & Demand, the four spots celebrate one of the greatest franchises in sports history: the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, as they gear up for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in June.

From recreating the glory of a stadium crowd to rendering a gritty dirt-on-the-lens perspective, JAMM’s high-energy visuals convey the unapologetic fierceness of the U.S. national team. In the newest 60-second spot “All Eyes on US,” the full experience of tens of thousands of screaming fans is realized via JAMM’s meticulous CG crowd work.

On set, JAMM conceptualized with Kahn to achieve the immersive effect he was looking for. Much of the on-the-ground footage was shot using wide-angle lenses, which posed a unique set of challenges by revealing the entire environment as well as the close-up action. With expert pacing, JAMM achieved the sense of the game occurring in real-time, as the tempo of the camera keeps in-step with the team moving the ball downfield.

The 30-second spot “Goliath” aims to rewrite the classic underdog story of David and Goliath. This was the first CG crowd shot by the JAMM team, who successfully filled the soccer stadium with the crackling energy of a roaring crowd. In “Goliath,” the entire U.S. Women’s Soccer Team runs towards the camera in slow motion. Captured locked off but digitally manipulated via a 3D camera to create a dolly zoom technique replicating real-life parallax, the altered perspective translates the unsettling feeling of being an opponent as the U.S. team literally runs straight into the camera.

The Warrior” focuses on Megan Rapinoe standing on the field in the rain, with a roaring crowd behind her. Whereas CG crowd simulation is typically captured with fast-moving cameras, the stadium crowd remains locked in the background of this sequence. JAMM implemented motion work and elements like confetti to make the large group of characters appear lively without detracting from Rapinoe in the foreground. Because the live action scenes were shot in the rain, JAMM utilized water graphing to seamlessly blend the real-world footage and the CG crowd work.

The Finisher” centers on Alex Morgan, who earned the nickname because “she’s the last thing they’ll see before it’s too late.”  The team ran down the field at a slow motion pace, while the cameraman rigged with a steady cam sprinted backwards through the goal. Then the footage was sped up by 600%, imbuing the visual with a real-time quality, as Morgan delivers a perfect strike to the back of the net.

From CG crowd simulations to actualizing a wholly immersive game experience, JAMM delivers action-packed visuals that capture the ferocious determination of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and its stars. With three World Cup titles, four Olympic Golds, and countless domestic and international trophies under their belts, the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is ready for the world to see what they’ll bring next.

Watch: All Eyes On US | Goliath | The Warrior | The Finisher