THERAPY CONTENT and THERAPY STUDIOS Deliver End-To-End Content For Uber

December 12th, 2018

Therapy Content partners with creative impact agency enso to produce a stream of new docu-style content for Uber. Airing on, the films address questions and issues from the general public in a transparent, informative, and accessible way.

“What Moves Us” is true-to-life and authentic, following tech correspondent Katherine Gorman as she talks to real people from the Uber world. Executives, drivers, and engineers alike discuss topics like marketplace health, matching riders and drivers, open marketplace, pricing, and shared rides.

Jeremy Stabile, Creative Director at enso, directed the films, with Therapy bringing on board Kenny Stoff to DP (whose credits include Therapy Content-produced projects Sound City and HBO’s Sonic Highways), and sister company Therapy Studios to oversee post production. Handling the entire campaign under one roof made for an efficient process from start-to-finish, resulting in a seamlessly plotted, elegantly shot, and beautifully edited final product.

Being present during the shooting stage gave Therapy editors Jake Shaver, Andy Green and Scott Hanson the chance to receive a deeper understanding of the content before even beginning editorial. Color by Omar Inguanzo and finishing by lead flame artist Wren Waters make the films vibrant and precise, while Eddie Kim’s mix ensures the information is delivered without skipping a beat.