ELECTRIC THEATRE COLLECTIVE Lends its Talents to Vince Staples’ GPS-vérité video for “FUN!”

November 6th, 2018

Electric Theatre Collective lends its post-production talents to a trippy bent-perspective tour of Vince Staples’ stomping ground with his just-released video for “FUN!

Director Calmatic of PRETTYBIRD invents a new filmmaking style – GPS-vérité – taking the viewer on a virtual visit through a topography tinted with gritty authenticity. Electric harnessed its Collective powers, taking 8K footage from three 8K RED cameras – rigged to capture 180-270 degrees – then stitching all the plates together. This allowed Calmatic to move around the scenes, picking the start and end points of each ‘user’ move.

Meanwhile the compositing team added in the familiar Street View effects, while colorist Jason Wallis grades from a true-to-life palette, rendering moments of the Californian inner city with graphic tones while maintaining its pure authenticity. The final shot punctuates Calmatic’s exploration of hood culture, revealing a white teenager consuming the up-close and personal view of street life from the cozy confines of safe suburbia.