STRIKE ANYWHERE Director AARON BECKUM’s Deadpan Short “BORN FORLORN” Premieres as Vimeo Staff Pick

July 12th, 2018

Announcing the release of Writer/Director Aaron Beckum’s latest short film, “Born Forlorn,” a current Vimeo Staff Pick. Beckum describes the 9-minute, 35mm film as “a deadpan adventure-comedy-musical about a down on his luck country/western singer that tries to make it to Hollywood by driving 100mph through the middle of the desert.”

The film was a lo-fi, no-budget passion project made with the help of some of Beckum’s usual collaborators. Drew Bienemann (Director of Photography) donated the last of the Fuji 35mm film from his freezer and threw in his old Toyota Camry for good measure…which they promptly set about trying to destroy completely.

The experimental film showcases what Beckum is best known for. In addition to his subtle oddball humor, “Born Forlorn” follows in his trend of working with non-actors and using lo-fi practical effects and selective color palettes. Beckum, who plays the film’s country/western singer Dion Horn, doesn’t usually act, but he realized it’s not that far off from performing live music, which he has done for years.

Beckum says, “We pulled it off with a tiny crew and zero budget, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.  It resulted in a Buster Keaton-influenced slapstick yet surreal, semi-autobiographic piece about heartbreak and ambition and how we’re all just kind of wandering in the desert in the end.”

When not creating bizarre adventure comedies that become Vimeo Staff Picks, Beckum applies his unique vision to music videos and commercials, working with clients like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Redbubble, and Sony Music. Beckum is represented by Strike Anywhere.