May 8th, 2018

Electric Theatre Collective adds an ADC Award to the collection for their stellar VFX work on the Jose Cuervo “Tomorrow is Overrated” campaign. Directed by Ringan Ledwidge of Rattling Stick LA for Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the “Last Days” film is a pulse-pounding apocalyptic feel-good tale with gorgeous visuals straight out of a big budget blockbuster. From the subtle to the breathtaking, the narrative is amplified by the VFX created by the team at Electric Theatre Collective Los Angeles.

“Last Days” depicts how a group of bar-goers choose to spend their final moments as civilization crumbles around them. From fiery asteroids crashing from the blackest of clouds to immeasurable hurricane strength winds, Electric pulled out every trick in the book to bring the apocalypse to an unassuming ghost town.

Electric’s first task was to concept the look and feel of the apocalyptic world, which they achieved through digital matte painting. The most crucial part of the process was to take footage shot on a sunny day and transform it into a supernatural episode. Working closely with Ringan Ledwidge, Electric concepted the look, tone, and feel of the environment before bringing it to life through a combination of FX work, matte paintings, and lighting.

The apocalyptic storm required layers of atmospherics to make the desert feel enveloped in destruction and chaos. The finely detailed simulations of sand, dust, finer debris, meteors, roof tearing and earth fracture were heavily designed and executed in FX. They were layered with larger hand-animated elements such as telephone wires, sheet metal, collapsing roof elements, all combining to complete the final picture. As well as compositing all the CG elements that make up the key ‘end of the world’ scenes, the 2D team layered in flares, shakes, shatters, sparks, and shock waves to bring everything together into one epic visual feast.

All in all, the strong creative, spot-on direction and expertly executed VFX combined to create the perfect storm. Already “Last Days” has won a three Clios (two Bronze and a Gold), an Epica Award, an APA Diamond, an Art of Creativity Award, an AEAF Award for Best VFX in a Commercial, a D&AD Wood Pencil, nabbed a Silver in Film on TV at the Lisbon International Advertising Festival, ranked third in Film at New York Festivals, was named a Ciclope finalist, and is shortlisted for VFX at AICP.  Whew.