ELECTRIC THEATRE COLLECTIVE Refreshes for What’s Next, Providing VFX for COORS LIGHT

April 18th, 2018

Coors Light introduces a whole new dimension to its Climb On platform with a fresh 10-spot campaign created by 72&Sunny. Inspired by the restless spirit of their fans, Coors brews The World’s Most Refreshing Beer to refresh them for what’s next. Directed by Andre Stringer of Reset, the campaign series is one full of color, optimism and global adventure. Deft VFX by Electric Theatre Collective amplifies the excitement and the visual spectacle, as showcased in the centerpiece spot “Refresh For What’s Next.”

The crew had to contend with unpleasant weather during the shoot, so Electric Theatre Collective worked hand in hand with 72andSunny and Stringer to come up with augmentations that would bridge the gap between the weather and the perfect Coors palette. With the photography in mind, Electric created environments friendly to the Coors brand via digital matte painting. Mapping allowed them to extend and integrate backgrounds including bright blue skies and snow-topped mountain ranges, as well as a complete rebuilding of the cascading CG water in the spot “Waterfall.”

Additionally, Electric handled text overlays over various backgrounds, a touchstone throughout the campaign. Collectively, the dazzling effects created by the Electric team pull the viewer into the high-altitude action and picturesque landscapes, invigorating the scenes to make them pop off the screen.