UNHEARD/OF Director MATTY BROWN Launches Visit Seattle Film “DREAMCATCHER”

March 6th, 2018

Visionary filmmaker Matty Brown sets a new benchmark for tourism advertising with his Visit Seattle film “Dreamcatcher.” Launching online at VISITSEATTLE.tv today and being ‘premiered’ through a teaser segment during the Film Independent Spirit Awards broadcast on Saturday, March 3 on IFC – the film “Dreamcatcher” celebrates the kaleidoscope of textures and experiences that have shaped one woman’s life and memories in the Emerald City.

Rather than just ‘sponsor’ the event, Visit Seattle and agency PB& forged new ground by supporting the Film Independent Spirit Awards through the creation of the Seattle Story Award, which honors one filmmaker whose background, vision, and diversity of style and subjects exemplifies the essence of Seattle. Through a nomination process by the Film Independent Nominating Committee, Matty Brown emerged as the winner of the award, which includes a $25,000 grant to create a short film inspired by Seattle’s independent spirit.

Brown was given the freedom to explore beyond the typical icons of the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, and compose an intimate love letter to the city. Seattle is where Matty became who is he is as a person and as an artist, a place that breeds experiences which are hard to describe, but rather must be shown. With “Dreamcatcher,” Matty conveys this experience through an entirely original perspective, creating a cinematic journey that builds and immerses the viewer with each arresting image.

In a dreamlike sequence, an elderly Native American woman reflects on a life well-lived and the memories of youth. As the narrator pleads the importance of seeing her life, rather than hearing of it, we’re shown a breathtaking visual narrative that toes the line between reverie and reality, underscoring the impact of her words.

For his part, Matty was grateful for the opportunity to push the boundaries of tourism content. “The Seattle film is more important and meaningful to me than anything thus far in my career. Being given the space to let my imagination run wild and share how I feel about this city without limits was a dream come true.”

Matty’s life experiences have inspired him to create an up-close approach to his work, capturing adversity, simplicity, and people at their core. Holding the record for most Vimeo Staff Picks in the world, Matty’s work has been featured in various festivals and publications worldwide, and earned him a 2013 Emmy nomination for “The Piano.” Advertising clients and creatives have received his signature style as a breath of fresh air, leading him to direct spots for brands like Microsoft, Airbnb, Delta Airlines and Google.

This is Brown’s first project since recently signing with Atlanta and Seattle-based production company UNHEARD/OF. Executive Producer Matt Ackerman explains, “UNHEARD/OF fosters directors that bring a unique perspective to the craft of filmmaking. I’ve been a fan of Matty Brown’s work for a long time. This was a special opportunity to give him the freedom to create a story and display his unique style in the city of Seattle.”

Matty’s film complements Visit Seattle’s branded content series Dear Seattle, which was produced in collaboration with Sundance TV and IFC and includes other love letters to the city from filmmakers such as Dave Grohl, Megan Griffiths, Josh Taft and JJ Augustavo. Launched in late 2015, ViSITSEATTLE.tv has garnered over 60MM minutes in watch time on YouTube alone.