Things Get Weird in WOLF AT THE DOOR Film “Part Cinque – TINY BUBBLES”

May 4th, 2017

Venice-based music production studio WOLF AT THE DOOR unleashes a new film created for their own surf shop and brand LONE WOLFS Objets d’Surf.  TitledPart Cinque – TINY BUBBLES,” the offbeat ad features original music by WOLF AT THE DOOR and was produced by their in-house design and production team Black Rainbows of Death.

The beauty of the first shot belies the comedic turn in the film directed by Thomas Leisten Schneider, opening on two buddies hanging in the beach parking lot post-surf sesh. The slinky strains of the track gild the scene with the perfect amount of sexy and strange, as one surfer begins to carry out a decidedly extravagant rinse-off ritual with a bottle of Perrier. The music and visuals create a cinematic whole despite the mock seriousness of the spot, successfully encapsulating the high-design aesthetic and irreverent spirit of LONE WOLFS in one minute flat.

Founded by Alex Kemp and Jimmy Haun, WOLF AT THE DOOR provides original music, music supervision and sound design for the advertising, TV and film industries. Prior to opening WOLF AT THE DOOR, Kemp served as a composer at Catfish Music and Spank and was the former Creative Director of HUM, while Jimmy Haun spent over a decade as the Senior Composer at Elias. The pair has composed music for major brands including Nike, Coca-Cola, Audi, Intel, Lexus, and Google, working with lauded directors like David Fincher, Lance Acord, Gore Verbinski, and Stacy Wall.

WOLF AT THE DOOR occupies a storefront on Lincoln Blvd, where KEMP and SCOTT BROWN, an agency creative, run the cult surf shop LONE WOLFS Objets d’Surf.  Together, these two companies make up a new kind of intermingled culture, a network of creative thinkers that is always moving in new and different directions.

“Tiny Bubbles” is part five in the ongoing collection of short films created for LONE WOLFS. Each installment features Patrick Wilkins and Adam Sinclair, surfers who are never shown surfing, and fuses the existential themes and sophisticated visuals of French New Wave cinema with low-brow surfer ‘bro’ humor. The debut film, A GOOD MAN, went on to win a Kinsale Shark and an LIAA, and was shortlisted at Cannes.

When not reinventing the ‘surf film’ genre or scoring for national campaigns, the WOLF AT THE DOOR team produces their own original web series Everything’s Not Working, which takes the form of a surf-centric talk show hosted by Zach Williams. Now three episodes deep, Everything’s Not Working has featured guest pro surfers including Dion Agius, Nabil Samadani and Eden Saul.