Seven Volpone Appointed CEO of Big Block Capital Group & Big Block Media Holdings

May 17th, 2017

Creative and business executive Seven Volpone has been appointed CEO of Big Block Capital Group and Big Block Media Holdings.

“One of Seven’s greatest talents is his ability to connect the dots and grow revenue from them,” states Bruce Bendell, Executive Chairman of Big Block Capital Group. “This makes him the perfect conduit to create synergies between the diverse investments that Big Block Capital Group and I now hold across automotive, tech, real estate, green tech, AI, media and entertainment.”

These properties and investments include The World Series Of Fighting, Enterra Solutions, TV 4, The Bridge CO, AMP LIVE, Unreel, and Big Block Media Holdings, which contains Big Block’s Entertainment and Content Production divisions, and which is a WOSB certified business via Chairwoman & owner Jamie Bendell.

Along with managing the investments for Big Block Capital Group, Seven will be leading the evolution of Big Block’s Content Production agency and Entertainment branch, with offices based in El Segundo and New York. The Entertainment group is currently in development on the upcoming stage musical The Scenario, producing alongside Russell Simmons and Universal Music Group, and starting Walk To Vegas, the fourth original feature to be produced and developed by Big Block Entertainment. Big Block Content’s full-scale offering includes production, creative design, post production, automotive work, distribution and analytics. Seven is tasked with aligning synergistic relationships between the branches, building new business while curating and incubating fresh talent for the Big Block Content roster.

“Big Block is taking an active role of responsibility within the industry to redefine how we work with agencies, networks and brands,” Seven explains. “The landscape is always evolving and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve so that we can help at all levels of content creation and assist in a truly 360 way, 365 days a year. Here conception, production and distribution live seamlessly in-house and under one banner.”

He describes the grassroots-like culture at the Elevon campus in El Segundo as an exciting and innovative playground for directors, content creators and startups, saying, “Big Block is investing in people, great ideas and the next great crop of talent and technology. The incredible resources and pipeline that we’ve built has given birth to a full-service ecosystem capable of supporting A-list creative. Essentially, if you can dream it – we can make it and help you share it with the world.”

Seven’s big picture strategy includes tapping into new business opportunities via the launch of several other content, technology and marketing divisions, which will emerge over the next year. eSports is one particular area of expertise for Seven through his work with ESL Gaming and Turtle Entertainment, and he is looking forward to continuing the build out of the “Lifestyle of eSports” at Big Block.

Seven Volpone has consulted for both public and privately traded companies, and has held Senior Executive Advisory roles within several leading media companies including ESL Gaming/Turtle Entertainment, Richard Reid Productions, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Maestro, and TV 4.

His background as a business executive is equally impressive as his own creative output as a former Atlantic recording artist and award-wining songwriter, producer and composer. Additionally, Seven served as a co-founder, President and architect behind the music, marketing and branding company We3Kings. There he oversaw the creation of over 70 major TV and brand themes, and provided score and music oversight for hundreds of network shows including Dance Moms, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Simple Life, Toddlers and Tiaras, and The Steve Harvey show. We3Kings also became known for their business development and brand integration initiatives that included Whiskey Falls, AAMCO transmissions, FOX and NBC television shows, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and The Atlanta Braves.