LONE WOLFS OBJETS d’SURF Gives You Episode Three of “Everything’s Not Working”

January 13th, 2017

Lone Wolfs Objets d’Surf has launched another episode of their surf talk show-slash-web series Everything’s Not Working. In Episode Three, host Zach Williams interviews Eden Saul, founder of Dead Kooks, the worst name for a surfboard company ever. Saul reviews a few makeshift boards built by Lone Wolfs, and Williams gives a hoagie to a hobo with nipple rings.

The guys behind the surf brand, Alex Kemp and Scott Brown, had no idea when they set out to “Make Rad Sh&%t with Rad People” that they’d become such a viral surf sensation. Episode One launched on Stab with an interview with pro surfer Dion Agius. Agro Surfer Bro gives us the wave report and Brad Gerlach wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. All hosted with casual humor by Zach Williams.

Next in Episode Two, host Zach Williams uses his psychic powers to get a surfboard delivered on time, and Nabil Samadani of SALT SURF finally goes to prom.

Scott Brown and Alex Kemp would tell you they are the same person, but as it turns out, they’re not. Kemp is co-founder of both Lone Wolfs and the music production house WOLF AT THE DOOR, and shifts between different creative pursuits daily. Whether designing handmade surfboards at the Lone Wolfs storefront or recording a band in the studio out back, composing music for a spot, designing a zine, or producing a web series…every endeavor is based around Kemp’s work ethic triad: Creativity, Collaboration, and Honesty.

For Scott Brown, his history as a creative at agencies such as Chiat/Day, 72andSunny and Deutsch positions him perfectly to keep pushing boundaries. His approach is simple: “If I can go to bed at night knowing I’ve done something creative, I’ll sleep like a baby. If I haven’t, I’ll lay there and seethe like a madman.” Whether or not he is sleeping remains unsaid.

Episode 3 of Everything’s Not Working is brought to you by its aggressive non-compensated sponsor The Great Western Steak and Hoagie Co. and was produced by the creative minds at Black Rainbows of Death with music by WOLF AT THE DOOR.