MILLA JOVOVICH Makes Directorial Debut with SOHN Video, with Post by THERAPY

September 12th, 2016

SOHN returns with “Signal,” the first single since his 2014 debut Tremors, and the UK-born, Vienna-based producer has enlisted actress Milla Jovovich to bring its visual accompaniment to life. Jovovich stars and makes her directorial debut with the striking black and white clip, which is filmed in one continuous take.

The talented team at Therapy handled post production for the video, which shows a polished-looking Jovovich staring ahead at the screen while a second film of herself is projected behind her. The background film portrays Jovovich looking ravaged, with tears and makeup strewn across her face. Throughout the video, the camera changes its focus from the forefront to the background characters, highlighting a range of intense emotions conveyed in her different movements and facial expressions.

While Therapy’s Doobie White edited several different versions of the video, it was unanimously decided that one of the raw one-take performances synced with the real projection playing behind Jovovich created the most compelling narrative. The velvety tones of the palette provided by colorist Omar Inguanzo dovetail with the richness of the music perfectly. The textures of the monochromatic background and foreground play off each other beautifully, drawing the viewer’s eye to Jovovich’s emotionally gripping performances.