FELLOW Leads the Way for Emoji Targeting with CORONA’s #RaiseSummer Twitter Campaign

September 1st, 2016

Los Angeles-based creative studio Fellow cements their place as the go-to partner for brands looking to connect with consumers via new media platforms. For their latest project, Fellow collaborated with Corona Extra and Miami-based agency the community to successfully create the emoji-targeted #RaiseSummer campaign via Twitter.

#RaiseSummer is creatively designed to speak to consumers through the widely communicated language of emojis. “Emojis are visual language adopted universally, so everyone can understand our message,” says Rodrigo Butori, Creative Director at the community. 

Emoji targeting was just introduced by Twitter on July 17, World Emoji Day, and Corona is one of the first brands to use the feature to engage with audiences directly. The #RaiseSummer campaign targets Twitter users over the age of 21, whose tweets include spirited summer-themed emojis including the smiley face with sunglasses, the bikini, the sun, the waves, the beer mugs, the palm tree and/or the sun.

When someone tweets using a particular combination of these emojis, the Corona Extra twitter account (@coronaextrausa) responds to their tweet with a customized GIF animation that includes the sequence and the Corona Extra bottle rendered in emoji style, along with a short message and the hashtag #RaiseSummer.

the community enlisted Fellow to animate around 100 films that would cover all of the possible emoji combinations. The Fellow team also created the Corona bottle emoji, making sure the design was true to the pictorial style that emoji-users know and love.

Telling a story within these new media frontiers requires some seriously innovative thinking. The Fellow team brings the expertise of traditional broadcast and matches it with the flexibility needed to adapt for relatively unchartered platforms like emoji targeting. For Corona, Fellow was able to successfully work around limitations including format, image size and bandwidth to deliver the collection of animation films ahead of schedule, an impressive feat considering the project’s expedited timeline.

Earlier this year, Fellow flexed their experimental marketing muscle to help build the high-scale campaign for Hyundai on the brand new Facebook Canvas interface.

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