PAUL TRILLO Deconstructs a One Night Stand for DJ PONE’s “HEART SWING”

July 14th, 2016

Big Block director Paul Trillo helms the striking music video for DJ Pone’s track “Heart Swing” (featuring Jaw). Showcasing his knack for experimenting with varied film techniques and beautiful composition, Paul Trillo creates a sensual collage-like scape of body parts for the new song off the French MC’s upcoming album Radiant.

After hearing “Heart Swing,” Trillo knew immediately that he wanted to use some kind of visual trickery to capture a distorted rendering of a couple getting physically intimate. “I was interested in creating an abstracted interpretation of what a one night stand is,” says Trillo. “There’s something so strange and intriguing about a situation where you instantly and intimately open yourself up to someone. Then you break away, and never see that person again.”

The lust between a man and woman is revealed only in isolated segments of their body parts, the rest of their activity hidden behind creamy pastel backgrounds. The eye is drawn to exactly where the director wishes it, fixed on the precise cutaways of their anatomy as they move together with the sway of the music. Over the course of the clip, they reveal more of themselves to each other, while the mind of the viewer instinctively fills in the blanks. The beautifully eerie effect was achieved by cutting holes in green suits against a green screen.

Already, “Heart Swing” has been named a Vimeo Staff Pick, making this Trillo’s 11th Staff Pick to date.