And the 2016 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award Goes to…Not Impossible Presents: DON’S VOICE

March 21st, 2016

Not Impossible wins the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for the second consecutive year, taking the honor in the category of “Best Innovation of Connecting People” for “Don’s Voice.” The heartwarming film follows Not Impossible’s journey to create a digital solution to help ALS patient Don Moir communicate independently, and audibly say “I love you, Lorraine” to his wife for the first time in 15 years.

Raconteur created the multi-tiered Publicity and Social Good strategy for the film that launched on Valentine’s Day, implementing the #VoiceYourLove initiative in conjunction with HP’s #BendTheRules campaign.

We created a strategic PR partnership by launching “Don’s Voice” to Not Impossible’s built-in audience via their preexisting editorial platform NotImpossibleNow, and building it out to mainstream media.  Purposely highlighting the love aspect first and the technology story second, we developed the campaign by targeting Social Good press and women’s interest publications, and as the story grew and spread we targeted technology outlets and general news media.

The #VoiceYourLove campaign developed a call to action, urging people through media outreach and social media to “voice their love” by tagging a loved one, ultimately building an interactive campaign that spread Don’s story around the world.  Through the hash tag and clearly stated initiative combining humanity and technology, “Don’s Voice” became an important part of the social conversation.

With the knowledge that May and June are ALS awareness months (in US and Canada consecutively), additionally a bookending campaign was strategized that would allow “Don’s Voice” to continue its widespread appeal and engagement for months to follow.