Add to Favorites: Raconteur Launches RING THE ALARM’s Sleek New Website

February 12th, 2016


Raconteur launches a perfectly tailored website and visual identity for bicoastal music production company and record label Ring The Alarm.

As a music-focused production and culture company, Ring The Alarm develops artist-driven content for clients of all kinds. We set out to create and cultivate an online space that would capture the culture and innovation of this amazing group, led by Executive Producer Jenny Hollowell, Managing Partner Daron Hollowell and Executive Creative Director Brent Nichols.

Working in cross-country collaboration with Buenos Aires-based graphic designer Jesica Sleifca, we developed a distinctive visual identity and user-friendly web experience that would give a voice to all the facets of the RTA brand: from its award-winning music services, to the record label and upcoming events, or to simply let the world know what they’re spinning on the turntable.  The internal workflow of the company was taken into account, and the foundation was laid for in-house management and content creation.