SAUCONY’s Latest “Seeker Story” Receives the THERAPY Treatment

December 16th, 2015

Agency Mechanica partners with production company Persuade & Influence and Emmy Award-winning post house Therapy Studios to create the latest installment in Saucony’s branded web film series “Seeker Stories,” as part of its “Find Your Strong” campaign.

The quirky new piece is created by Mechanica who partnered with Justin Tyler Close and Jeremy Power Regimbal, the directing duo better known as Co.Lab, and marks Episode Six in the Saucony series which introduces viewers to individuals who use running to find their personal “strong.”

This episode features Matthew Inman, cartoonist and creator of the world-famous web comic The Oatmeal, inventor of the record-breaking Kickstarter-funded game Exploding Kittens, and founder of the Beat The Blerch races.  Inman is also a marathon runner, who describes his relatable motivation in the film: “When people think of runners, they think that I wake up and I do pilates and then I have kale for breakfast. No, I wake up and I’m running because I have a hangover and I had, like, corndogs for breakfast. Really, I run so that I can eat birthday cake.”

Therapy’s Lenny Mesina expertly edits Co.Lab’s footage to offer an oblique view of Inman’s personality. Mixing by Jeff Fuller creates an inviting sonic landscape that brings the viewer into Inman’s world, while Wren Waters supplies the stylized color palette to complement the wonderful subject matter.