BLACK DOG’s Adam Smith Directs “Don’t Think” for The Chemical Bros

May 16th, 2012

Rethink everything you know about concert films. There’s no sitting down here.  Go into the theatre, stand up from your seat and dance so hard you can’t stop against the pulsating rhythms of electronica icons The Chemical Brothers…

Allow us to introduce you to “Don’t Think,” the documentary from musical visionaries The Chemical Brothers. The renegade cinematic concert was directed by Adam Smith of Black Dog/RSA, who has worked with The Chemical Brothers for eighteen years as their visuals collaborator, before stepping out with this against-form concert piece.

Using footage from their July 31st concert at Fuji Rock Festival, Smith purposefully placed cameras in the center of the stage and in the crowd to fully articulate all perspectives of the performance, while maintaining the heavily visual signature style of the duo. “Don’t Think” was mixed for the big screen and recorded in Dolby 7:1 surround sound, allowing theatre-goers to feel that they too are rocking out live.

The enigmatic sound and incredible visuals have literally become a showstopper. At a recent premiere screening at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood, the audience was so engaged in the film, they jumped from their seats and began dancing wildly, so intensely that the projectionist was forced to pause the film until the patrons returned to their seats and order was restored.

Are you ready?  Moviegoing anarchy as The Chemical Brothers celebrated a special screening of “Don’t Think” at the Arclight on April 28, 2012.