Director Sebastian Reed Launches ASCENE.TV

October 30th, 2015

Established director Sebastian Reed launches ASCENE.TV, an all-new concept and online platform. The idea behind A SCENE is to simplify the process of moviemaking and to present fragments from movies that “will probably never get made.”

Reed launches the platform with a call to action. Directors, scriptwriters, actors and filmmakers are invited to join A SCENE to meet, share, network, and collaborate on ideas within the innovative new format. When stripped of the timelines and budgets of a larger feature film project, the places a single scene can go are limitless.

“I had been frustrated creatively for a while about not being able to use my ideas in my day-to-day treatments,” explains Reed. “As a filmmaker, you always wait for the project where you can use that character or location. So I decided I wanted do something with my ideas, and figured there were probably other people in the same situation.”

He created the inaugural short clip while working on the set of a commercial job. Utilizing the location, actors, DP and camera equipment already at his disposal, Reed wrote a scene inspired by his surroundings and shot it in under 45 minutes.

A SCENE Season One commences with a trailer of disconnected vignettes that thrum with tension and mystery. Each breathless shot piques the interest and excites the imagination, leaving the viewer itching to know more. Reed shot the scenes in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, and also directed the first eight start-up scenes in the queue, which will be released every second week.

All projects are currently privately financed, meaning content is created under your own steam, budget and time frame. A SCENE also provides an excellent forum for production companies, clients and agencies to scout up-and-coming talent. One scene could be the seed of inspiration for developing longer-format work like TV series and films.

All genres are welcome except anything involving sexism, racism, or pro-religious propaganda.  The only criterion is that your scene should have a cinematic tone and feel as if you have dived in to a movie. If your scene fits the concept and ideals at the heart of A SCENE, it will be published on the website as well as on its associated channels on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. And the rest could be history.

Visit ASCENE.TV to learn about submitting a scene that you have already made, or send in your idea, script and reel, and A SCENE might be able to help you create your dream scene directly or by connecting you with the right people.