RING THE ALARM Creates the Sound for LINCOLN’s “More Human” Campaign

September 29th, 2015

Ring The Alarm creates the original composition and sound design for the all-new Lincoln “More Human” campaign helmed by Furlined director Saam Farahmand for Hudson Rouge.  The four spots extol the human side of Lincoln engineering, highlighting a number of innovations born out of a new blueprint: rather than thinking of what a car can do, what can it do for its driver?

Ring The Alarm composed a range of music to encompass the distinct themes of each video and create a sonic atmosphere that would deepen the impact of the Lincoln’s simple yet revelatory new capabilities. This is a softer, more thoughtful side of technology. With a cinematic score that is affecting on an emotional level, every moment is filled with varying notes of wonder and content.

Blink” supplies a delicate, lilting piece that underscores the mood of the spot, with organic plucked strings that deliver an addicting pulse. The sound of “Perspective” is decidedly confident and full of swagger, featuring a pulsating heavy-bottomed beat that underpins the seductive feel of the strings and keys, creating a modern yet classy fusion.

Paint” lauds Lincoln’s available audio system with a vibrant display of color and sound. Ring The Alarm’s orchestral score crescendos to perfectly accentuate the action of paint firing out from speakers, allowing every note to flaunt the vehicle’s immersive audio capabilities. “Manifesto,”” a culmination of the three spots, showcases the myriad ways that Lincoln technology senses and memorizes the lifestyle of the driver. The uplifting piano composition is joined by a swell of strings that move the action with a steady thrum, as the narrator guides us through each thrilling detail.