FLORIA SIGISMONDI Directs Hannah Simone in St-Germain Peep Show LIVE on Periscope

July 10th, 2015


Believe Media director Floria Sigismondi has partnered with craft liqueur brand St-Germain to create “Peep Show,” a series of six short films that were unveiled over the course of one day on Thursday, July 9.  Most thrillingly, Sigismondi shot the films on an iPhone in single setup takes with no editing or alteration and broadcast them live on Periscope, the Twitter-owned app where video streams can be viewed for 24 hours only, and then disappear forever.

Inspired by the Burlesque vibe of 1920’s and 30’s France, the films featured New Girl actress Hannah Simone playing the part of a captivating modern-day seductress. Through the app, viewers responded to what they were watching, giving real-time requests (wink! kick your legs! blow a kiss!) which Simone would then playfully incorporate into her performance.

The here today, gone today nature of the app perfectly plays into the St-Germain brand message to #ViveTheDaylife, celebrating the notion that daytime is full of incredible and fleeting moments of beauty.

The groundbreaking campaign sparked major media attention as it unfolded throughout the day, including articles from FastCoAdWeekHuffington Post, and Creativity.