LUMA Creates VFX for PHARRELL’s Globe-spanning New Music Video “FREEDOM”

July 10th, 2015


If Kanye West pays you a compliment, you know you’ve done a good job.

In a recent tweet, Yeezy gives hit-maker Pharrell the highest of praise for his newest track “Freedom,” calling the song beautiful, and saying the accompanying video directed by Paul Hunter was “incredibly shot.”  The talented team at VFX powerhouse Luma couldn’t have been more excited about collaborating with Hunter to help bring this electrifying panorama to life.

Hunter is famous for his emotionally driven and beautifully shot storytelling. With the combination of his directorial skills and the inimitable charisma of Pharrell Williams, the viewer is witness to a truly poignant and epic visual journey.

Hunter shuttles us on a voyage through the pulse of humanity with an array of striking images showing nature and man striving towards freedom. The visuals are breathtaking and vast in scope, depicting remote landscapes, heavens, humanity, wildlife and machines.  It’s a globe-spanning, history-encompassing tour de force that juxtaposes the stark simplicity of Pharrell’s impassioned performance. He serves as our guide in the film, leading us from one scene to the next with the energy and conviction of a gospel preacher.

Luma was tasked with complementing the already stunning footage through a variety of techniques ranging from invisible effects and environmental extensions to full CG whales.

“Working with Paul Hunter is a fantastic experience,” says Luma’s Creative Director, Matt Lydecker. “He has the uncanny ability of visualizing the final film long before it’s shot. This allows him to provide clear direction and enables us to produce the quality of VFX that his projects demand.”

Pharrell debuted the full-length track and music video exclusively on the new streaming service Apple Music, available here.