Long Live Sweden! RACONTEUR Welcomes ACNE to Our Client Roster

May 28th, 2015

smallacneTeam Raconteur would like to give a hearty välkommen to ACNE, the latest addition to our dazzling client roster.  ACNE is an integrated production company and is part of the Swedish creative super-collective, ACNE Group.  Its talents direct, produce, and develop feature films and award-winning commercial and digital content experiences for global brands, creating work that bridges the gap between traditional linear storytelling and dynamic interactive media and beyond. 

Established in 1996 as a small creative shop, the ACNE family is truly multi-disciplinary and now consists of hundreds of people creating in every way, shape, and form — from ACNE’s commercial and interactive content projects, to fashion, photography, toys, computer games, advertising, furniture, magazines, live events, and theatre.  Basically, their capabilities are limitless.

ACNE Production is based in Stockholm with offices in Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, and London. Check out their directorial roster here.

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