AdAge Piece About Female Directors Examines Girl Power On Both Sides of the Lens

April 16th, 2015

Advertising Age publishes an insightful think-piece about the rising popularity of girl-powered advertising campaigns, asking the ever-so-relevant question, “why then, are female directors so uncommon?”

AdAge writer Alexandra Jardine spoke to several members of this small tribe to find out if they thought the phrase ‘takes one to know one’ rings true when it comes to the director behind commercials championing the fairer sex. Among them is Somesuch filmmaker Kim Gehrig, the helmer of the high-impact “This Girl Can” spot for Sport England featuring real (read: cellulite-touched) women of all shapes and sizes sweating, wiggling and jiggling as they exercise in pursuit of a healthier life style. The motivational ad resonated with social media-users worldwide, racking up over 7 million views since its January debut.

Gehrig and her colleagues chime in on why they believe female directors are still widely shut out from the world of commercial production, citing the lack of role models, macho culture and the flawed idea that women can’t “do” certain types of ads.

Our reply to that notion? We suggest a repeat viewing of the Sport England campaign. As Gehrig so cleverly and clearly communicated – these girls can do anything.

 The piece will also be featured in AdAge’s new print edition.