Shanghai Gets Surreal with JÉRÉMIE ROZAN and BRODINSKI

February 18th, 2015

Jérémie Rozan drops the dreamlike new music video for Brodinski’s “Us” featuring Atlanta rapper Bloody Jay, off his forthcoming debut album Brava, out March 2nd via Bromance Records/Parlophone/Warner Records.

The Iconoclast director and Surface to Air founder creates a smoke-induced Eastern fantasy that is by turns playful, disturbing and beautiful.  Opening with a view of the Shanghai skyline from the penthouse of the Hyatt, we see Brodinksi lounging in the middle of a gang of real-life Triad boys. After smoking an opium-like drug, the French DJ/producer lands in an ancient Chinese village and begins to navigate a fantastical world of both delight and menace.

Rozan unleashes a disorienting clash of visuals from the Western world, ancient Chinese culture and the futuristic newness of Shanghai. From traditional Chinese dancers twerking, to animatronic toys being walked on a leash, to a suspended motorcycle swinging through the air; Rozan’s richly colored vignettes blur the line between delusion and hyper-realism, as the throbbing tones and distorted crooning of the music propel us through the drug-fuelled trip.