It’s Naptime with Jeff Bridges in TIM GODSALL’s Super Bowl Ad for Squarespace

February 3rd, 2015

“I love listening to intriguing sounds when I drift off to my dreams,” says Jeff Bridges.  That was the inspiration behind “Jeff Bridges’ Sleeping Tapes,” the actor’s own “unique album of relaxing sounds, guided meditations and stories designed to put you to sleep.”

During the Super Bowl, Anonymous Content director Tim Godsall helped The Dude promote his compilation of soothing lullabies, which are available for purchase on – the site he created using Squarespace’s publishing platform (with 100% of proceeds going to No Kid Hungry.)  Social media ignited after the 30-second clip aired, igniting a flurry of huh?! reactions to the image of Bridges chanting in one sleeping couple’s bedroom, donning a shawl knit sweater with a tibetan singing bowl in hand.

“We wanted to create a campaign to illustrate that any idea, no matter how wild or weird, can be presented beautifully and meaningfully through Squarespace,” the company’s founder and CEO Anthony Casalena said of the W+K-created project. “Instead of being built around an ad, our campaign is built around a real project on our platform.”