ANTHONY MANDLER Presents Kendrick Lamar at his Realest for REEBOK

January 14th, 2015

Eschewing the conventional trappings of the hip hop superstar, Anthony Mandler presents us with Kendrick Lamar at his realest for Reebok.  Mandler’s film pays tribute to Kendrick’s Compton roots, distilling the artist and his environment to reveal how his passion inspired the Kendrick to beat the odds and rise above the crime and poverty around him. Now that he’s at the top, Kendrick joins forces with Reebok to help today’s urban youths realize their potential is limitless. 

The black and white film is narrated by Kendrick himself to his powerful verse, “Kendrick Lamar – I AM,” and follows the wildly talented lyricist as he visits the stomping grounds that spawned his sensibilities.  Featuring standout students from Kendrick’s alma mater, Centennial High School, these youths are showcased to empower the new generation to find their voice and become their best selves.