ANTHONY MANDLER and LENNY KRAVITZ Unleash One in “The Chamber”

September 9th, 2014

Lenny Kravitz debuts the much-anticipated music video for “The Chamber,” and it proves worth every second of the wait, with the grand reveal of the shirtless, muscled rocker confirming that he just gets better with age.

To create the exquisite noir-style film, Kravitz enlisted director Anthony Mandler. The artistic collaboration proves a perfect fit, as Mandler brilliantly captures the essence of “The Chamber” with a provocative visual that explores two lovers playing a dangerous game.

Well-timed to launch at the beginning of New York Fashion Week, the clip features Dutch model Rianne Ten Haken playing the part of the femme fatale. High fashion meets highbrow cinema as Mandler weaves a series of moody, sensual vignettes between the ageless Kravitz and the lingerie-clad chanteuse.

Light refracts off the gilt and crystal touches as the opulence of the setting heightens the decadent sexual tension between them. Mandler communicates the sense of being overtaken by a powerful aphrodisiac, as we witness the lovers’ insatiable desire, beauty, and ultimately – madness.