Class is in Session: ÜBER CONTENT Director ADAM GUNSER Debuts DELL’s “Center for Selfie Improvement”

July 22nd, 2014

Über Content director Adam Gunser brings a dose of fresh visual comedy to Dell’s new playful social media-driven “Learning Meets Doing” campaign with “Selfie,” a look at a fictional teenager named Julia Hawkins whose passion for the art of selfies has caused her to have a physical condition called Selfie Arm. Armed with her Dell tablet, Julia embraces this uniqueness by sharing her knowledge of how to take better selfies with other teens at the Center for Selfie Improvement.

As only a skilled director can do, Gunser manages to get the brand’s education-driven message across while appealing to younger consumers, achieving this feat by playfully spotlighting the modern-day Selfie phenomenon.  Gunser was instrumental to the concepting and writing of  the Creativity-featured campaign, collaborating with the team at Y&R New York to achieve the distinctly lighthearted mockumentary-style narrative and tone prior to stepping behind the camera.

Gunser introduces us to yet another modern-day media genius in the campaign’s second spot “Five Second Filmmaker” with a narrative centering around Marty Goldberg, the pioneering filmmaker and reigning king of the 5-second epic.  Assisted by his eager protégé Gary, Dell technology, and his innovative “Goldberg Method,” Marty demonstrates how much creativity and content he can pack into a few brief moments. (The answer is at least one helicopter crash and a bloodcurdling scream.) Check out the hilarious spot here.