Youth-driven Production Company ADOLESCENT Launches

June 19th, 2014

Adolescent Logo copy 2



In an industry inhabited by those who are trying to force-fabricate content that “speaks” to youth culture, ADOLESCENT is the real deal: its roster dedicated to the representation and mentorship of bright young directorial tastemakers aged 13 – 25 years old for commercials, music videos and social media content.  Adolescent’s pack of savant directors (filmmakers, photographers, illustrators and visual effects wunderkinds) collectively generate work with an energetic and fresh point of view, free of adult encumbrances such as cynicism or rules.

Adolescent is the new satellite venture of Splendid and Co (formerly known as Trio) helmed by Creative Director Ramaa Mosley and Executive Producer Hope Farley. A director who got her own start early at age 16, Mosley launched Adolescent to harness and cultivate each young filmmaker’s natural gift for visual storytelling, and to allow these youthquakers to put out their creative work on a level that’s never been seen before.

Today’s advertising agencies and brands are on a constant search for directors on the pulse of youth culture. Adolescent exports talent with this exuberant sensibility, chartering new territory for those brands looking to convey a relevant and distinctive youthful spirit with credibility. With a fluency in social media and the internet engrained in these Millennial image-makers, the potential audience of Adolescent is vast and widespread.

Adolescent has been generating buzz industry-wide since it quietly began working in February. Check out recent spot for Smarty Pants Vitamins directed by 14-year old Adolescent director Lily Eliana Walsh: