July 16th, 2012

We have been working with local graphic/street artist Paige Smith ever since we discovered one of her amazing geodes this past spring in downtown Los Angeles. In case you haven’t come across one or don’t live locally, don’t worry, we’ll bring you up to speed.

Paige Smith, a.k.a. A Common Name, lives, works and loves the Arts District in Downtown LA. Her latest project, and her first ever endeavor as a “street artist,” is the Urban Geode Project. She fines holes, nooks, and crannies in the exteriors of dilapidated buildings in her neighborhood and she fills them with beautiful geodes, modeled on the geological structures but made entirely of paper and spray painted glorious gold, pink, black, silver or purple. To happen upon one is quite mesmerizing and sure to make your day.

Naturally when we came across one on a pitstop to Handsome Coffee Roasters, we had to know more. Some Google sleuthing was done (in our office, referred to as “SVU-ing”) and Paige and we met three weeks later at Handsome to initiate our own interview series.

We’ll let you read the interview for the longer side of the story, but we agreed to help Paige coordinate a reception at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood for her first-ever installation in coveted Box. Paige designed the invitations and we sent them to many of our dear friends, and had a blast working with Jenni at The Standard. There was a lovely turn out including Paige’s friends and family and several reporters from local publications. We enjoyed good company, awesome music from DJ Jeffrey Paradise, and we are never one to forget The Standard’s wine and beer selection. Thanks to all who attended! We can’t wait to share with you what Paige is up to next.